Understanding the Seven Last Plagues 📖

Revelation 15:1

Before Christ comes, everyone would have already made their choice either for God or for Babylon. However, before the end, the destructive winds of Satan’s fury that have been restrained ( Rev. 7:1–3) will be unleashed, followed by the seven last plagues.

Read Revelation 15:1 along with Exodus 7–11. How are the Egyptian plagues, considered the backdrop for the seven last plagues, instructive regarding their purpose and meaning? Basically, God’s children are protected from the seven last plagues while it falls on all those who refuse to hearken to God’s message. Same will happen in the end. God’s children, protected by the seal of God (the Holy Spirit), will be shielded. 🙌🏾😇

The seven last plagues are referred to as the “last” plagues because they come at the very end of earth’s history. 

In contrast, the plagues of the seven trumpets cover the time period that includes the entire Christian age and are restricted in their scope. They are executed while the gospel still is being preached ( Rev. 10:8–11:14) and intercession is taking place ( Rev. 8:2–5). They are mixed with mercy, and their purpose is to bring the enemies of God’s people to repentance.

On the other hand, the seven last plagues are poured out just prior to the Second Coming. They are poured out upon those who, like Pharaoh, hardened their hearts against God’s redeeming love and would not repent (see Rev. 16:11). Divine wrath is God’s righteous judgment on the choices people have made (see Rom. 1:26–28), and at that time the lost are reaping the consequences of their own choices.

Read Revelation 15:5–8 along with Exodus 40:34, 35 and 1 Kings 8:10, 11. What does the statement that “no man was able to enter the temple” ( Rev. 15:8) suggest about the timing of the seven last plagues? 

The expression “no one was able to enter into the temple” ( Rev. 15:8, NKJV) points to the close of probation ( Rev. 22:11). As Christ’s mediatorial ministry in heaven comes to an end, the door of opportunity to repent closes forever. Therefore, the last plagues will not bring anyone to repentance, but only disclose the hardness of the hearts of those who chose to side with Babylon, prompting them to hate God even more ( Rev. 16:9, 11).

In summary, the seven last plagues will happen before Christ returns, after humanity has made a firm choice either for God (keeping His commandments and having the faith of Jesus – Rev 14:12) or for the beast, and when probation by Jesus for humanity would have closed in heaven. This decision’s clearest attribute will be wrt the merger of apostate Protestantism in the US with Roman Catholicism via enforcement of the Sunday law supported by American global political might. There will be mortal consequences for the decision people make, thus tilting one either to the side of the beast or God. This satanic trick is same that was deployed against Daniel and his friends in Babylon to worship the image. Same was also seen in persecution of early Christians by the Roman Catholic Church through the dark ages. The Bible is simply saying history will repeat itself once again in the end.

Source reference: SDA 1Q19 Quarterly

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