The Wedding Supper of the Lamb 😁😇🍽

Matthew 22:11-14; Revelation 19:6-9

  • Two thousand years ago, Christ left His heavenly home to invite His followers to a wedding supper ( Matt. 22:1–14) that will take place after His marriage to His bride. “The marriage represents the reception by Christ of His kingdom. The Holy City, the New Jerusalem, . . . is called ‘the bride, the Lamb’s wife.’. . . In Revelation, the people of God are said to be the guests at the marriage supper. Revelation 19:9. If guests, they cannot be represented also as the bride. . . .
  • “In the parable of Matthew 22 the same figure of the marriage is introduced, and the investigative judgment is clearly represented as taking place before the marriage (i.e. judgement already ongoing in heaven to decide the rewards we all receive before the 2nd coming – Rev 22:12). Prior to the wedding the king comes in to see the guests, to see if all are attired in the wedding garment, the spotless robe of character, washed and made white in the blood of the Lamb. Matthew 22:11; Revelation 7:14.”—Ellen G. White, The Great Controversy, pp. 426–428. 
  • After His death and resurrection, the Bridegroom returned to His Father’s house to “prepare a place” for His people, His wedding guests (see John 14:1–3). They remain on earth preparing for His return. At the end of the world, He will come back and take them to His Father’s house.
  • Revelation 19:8 states that the fine and clean linen was given to the bride by Christ. This apparel shows that the wedding guests who enter the city do not claim any merit for their deeds. Thus, the “fine linen, clean and bright” represents “the righteous acts of the saints” (NKJV), acts that came as a result of their union with Christ, who lives in them. Thus, these robes symbolize His righteousness and that His people “keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus” ( Rev. 14:12). 
  • While on earth, Jesus told a parable about a wedding. However, one of the guests preferred to wear his own attire instead of the wedding garment provided by the king, and he was expelled from the wedding ( Matt. 22:1–14).
  • Revelation 3:18 shows that the robe of Christ’s righteousness, the gold of faith and love, and the eye salve of the Holy Spirit are the greatest needs of God’s people living at the time of the end. Jesus’ offer that the Laodiceans “buy” these gifts from Him shows us that He asks for something in exchange for what He offers us. 💡 We give up self-sufficiency and trust in ourselves in exchange for a life of faithful obedience to Christ and trust in Him as our only hope of salvation.
  • We are not saved by our works, but the “righteous acts” we do define the life that we are living.

Source reference: SDA 1Q19 Quarterly

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