An ‘ode’ to a wife – Job’s wife

Rarely is she mentioned in the pages but mostly maligned in human memories, yet she 'lives' on. That single emotionally-charged interaction with her husband, down in the depths of his life's hells, in Job 2:9-10, has mostly defined what we think of her: a bad wife, making mockery of her husband's tragic station in life. One can posit that this serves a generational warning about the importance of choosing a godly wife, who will stand by you through life's sunny and gloomy days; afterall, that's what till death do us part means. But I want us to have a re-think about Job's wife. Is she really deserving of this infamy? Was she really a bad wife? Is there more in the Bible that we can learn about who she was and what may ultimately have happened to her? I think there is. I've been pondering this for the past fortnight and having discussed my thoughts about her possible lived experience with some friends last night, I'm finally putting down some of my thoughts. 🤓

God wants you to diligently seek (search for) Him

Paul says in Acts 17:27 ERV that "God wanted people to look for him, and perhaps in searching all around for him, they would find him. But he is not far from any of us." Since the day I read this verse a few weeks back, I've been eager to write about all the findings from my study as this idea of God wanting to be sought out was quite intriguing. I mean why does He want to be actively searched for? Is he playing hide and seek with us or what? What I do in this post is try to answer five pre-emptive questions that you the reader may naturally have on the topic: 1) Why does God want us to seek (search for) Him?; 2) Is He far? So far that He cannot be found?; 3) What are the rewards of seeking God, if any?; 4) How are we to seek God?; and 5) When are we to seek God?

25 things you probably didn’t know about Moses 🤓

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness in the land of Midian before God called him to his life's mission. What on earth was he doing during all those years? How did he cope with going from being a prince in the most powerful country on earth to living life as a shepherd in the wilderness? What prepared him for this experience and what was God doing in Moses' life to prepare him for the mission ahead? Over the past few months, I've been studying a Bible guide on being in the crucible with Christ. Last week, I was studying about meekness in the life of Moses and got inspired to study his life a little closer, particularly his life before he received the calling that defined his life on earth and in death. As you might know, I only write when inspired to, and I thought my findings this time around were too interesting not to share. Happy reading!

Understanding and breaking generational curses 🤺⚔️

Ezekiel 18:19-20 says that a son shall not bear the guilt of the father because the son has done what is lawful and right, and has kept all God's statutes and observed them. The inverse of this statement is therefore also true that: if the son of a sinful father (or mother indeed) is also living in sin then it is possible for the son to bear the guilt of the father in addition to punishment for the son's own sins.

Comparing God’s salvation of Noah and Lot – Both righteous but different 🙏🏾

Noah and Lot were both saved by God before destruction was visited on the whole earth and on Sodom. But what are the similarities and differences we can find from the Bible about these two stories to help us get a clearer picture of the state of humanity and even righteous people in the end times? This study is critical because the Bible points back to Noah and Lot so many times that we Christians must study these stories in-depth and have them at the forefront of our minds as we navigate these end times.

What could ‘gods’ look like in our lives today?

"Beware of fleshly lusts which war against your soul!" - 1 Pet 2:11. In Bible times, the people (aka gentiles/heathen) who surrounded the Israelites worshipped images, sculptures etc...lifeless things that they held in high esteem above the true God. As it was in those times, worshiping these gods was very common and attractive. At a more fundamental level, it’s attraction was partly borne out of an unwillingness to hope in the unseen and the ease of pleasing/manipulating the seen. The more society moved towards worshipping these idols, the quicker its values deteriorated as the quickening power of the holy spirit’s working process on the mind weakened. Better said, the act itself may not take an inordinate amount of time but it could have longer lasting effects which draw our minds away to things that do not glorify God. 

The Midianites – who were they? 🤓

Studying the history of the Midianites through the pages of the Bible reveals some interesting facts. Most fascinating is that they were almost annihilated by Moses who had married one of them (Zipporah) and had lived with them for 40 years while he was in exile. For Moses, he must have found it really hard to war against his wife’s own people, slaying their kings and rulers as well as people. You may be surprised at the number of other things the Bible tells us about these people:

When Joshua wouldn’t leave…

Exodus 33:11 Joshua is such a great Bible character that the Holy Spirit thought it worthy to dedicate an entire book in the Bible to Him. The first time he comes up in the Bible was in Exodus 17:9 and it happens to have been when Moses instructed him to go fight the Amalekites. The … Continue reading When Joshua wouldn’t leave…

Like brother like sister – Tracing the roots of Laban and Rebekah, Masters of Deception 👿

It’s quite surprising how the siblings, Laban and Rebekah, were so innately deceptive. In fact, Rebekah’s deceptive spirit was so deeply engrained in her heart that when Jacob worried that his father could find out about their trick, she said “Let your curse be upon me, my son...” 😮 I therefore wondered where she could have picked up this terrible heart of deception from. 🤔