25 things you probably didn’t know about Moses 🤓

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness in the land of Midian before God called him to his life's mission. What on earth was he doing during all those years? How did he cope with going from being a prince in the most powerful country on earth to living life as a shepherd in the wilderness? What prepared him for this experience and what was God doing in Moses' life to prepare him for the mission ahead? Over the past few months, I've been studying a Bible guide on being in the crucible with Christ. Last week, I was studying about meekness in the life of Moses and got inspired to study his life a little closer, particularly his life before he received the calling that defined his life on earth and in death. As you might know, I only write when inspired to, and I thought my findings this time around were too interesting not to share. Happy reading!

Like brother like sister – Tracing the roots of Laban and Rebekah, Masters of Deception 👿

It’s quite surprising how the siblings, Laban and Rebekah, were so innately deceptive. In fact, Rebekah’s deceptive spirit was so deeply engrained in her heart that when Jacob worried that his father could find out about their trick, she said “Let your curse be upon me, my son...” 😮 I therefore wondered where she could have picked up this terrible heart of deception from. 🤔

Being “unequally yoked” – what does the Bible mean?

Is it referring to the mixing of the yoke (yolk) of an egg like I’ve always thought? 😂 Discussing it over the weekend, I learnt something new. 🤓 Clearly the verse most often comes up when talking about marital partners and not marrying an unbeliever. But what is the foundation of the verse and is there an overarching matter it refers to?

Why is God so concerned about his children marrying unbelievers?

Apparently there’s a long-time history lesson here. In Genesis 6:2-4, sons of God therein were the children from the lineage of Seth (keeping purity of God’s truth), while sons of men were of the lineage of Cain (evil men, contaminating God’s truth). NB: after Cain killed Abel, Seth was Adam’s next son, who was good … Continue reading Why is God so concerned about his children marrying unbelievers?