25 things you probably didn’t know about Moses 🤓

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness in the land of Midian before God called him to his life's mission. What on earth was he doing during all those years? How did he cope with going from being a prince in the most powerful country on earth to living life as a shepherd in the wilderness? What prepared him for this experience and what was God doing in Moses' life to prepare him for the mission ahead? Over the past few months, I've been studying a Bible guide on being in the crucible with Christ. Last week, I was studying about meekness in the life of Moses and got inspired to study his life a little closer, particularly his life before he received the calling that defined his life on earth and in death. As you might know, I only write when inspired to, and I thought my findings this time around were too interesting not to share. Happy reading!

Israel’s three great enemies: The Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites. Where did they come from?

The Moabites and Ammonites were children born out of deceit to Lot, cousin of Abraham. The Edomites were descendants of Esau. These three tribes - Moabites, Ammonites and Edomites - are mentioned repeatedly in the Bible, often as a duo or triumvate, in different attacks on the Israelites. What’s also interesting is that these enemies descended from marriage relations that were against God’s instructions!

Study notes: How to keep the Sabbath Day holy 😁😇 and a related testimony

When is the Sabbath day? How do I keep the Sabbath day holy? How did Jesus, the apostles, and old testament characters keep the Sabbath? I try to answer these questions herein, share a related testimony, while answering other questions pertaining to salvation for Israel vs gentiles, and keeping of the law.

God always foretells what will happen to His chosen people

See 2 Chr 36:21 for the related prophecy  NB: God always foretold what would happen to His chosen people well before it happened, and they always happen eventually. This remains valid even for us today as we are now 'spiritual Israel' and what will happen to His children has already been foretold in Bible prophecies. Brilliant! … Continue reading God always foretells what will happen to His chosen people

End of salvation of ‘Israel’

Daniel 9:27 Jesus' ministry lasted 3.5 yrs. His death (spring of AD 31) on the cross brought an end to the ceremonial sacrifices and offerings (evidenced in the splitting of the veil in the temple). These sacrifices were shadows i.e. they pointed to Christ’s death as part of God’s plan of redemption. Jesus' instruction in … Continue reading End of salvation of ‘Israel’