25 things you probably didn’t know about Moses 🤓

Moses spent 40 years in the wilderness in the land of Midian before God called him to his life's mission. What on earth was he doing during all those years? How did he cope with going from being a prince in the most powerful country on earth to living life as a shepherd in the wilderness? What prepared him for this experience and what was God doing in Moses' life to prepare him for the mission ahead? Over the past few months, I've been studying a Bible guide on being in the crucible with Christ. Last week, I was studying about meekness in the life of Moses and got inspired to study his life a little closer, particularly his life before he received the calling that defined his life on earth and in death. As you might know, I only write when inspired to, and I thought my findings this time around were too interesting not to share. Happy reading!

Wealth/riches, influence and serving God – Joseph and Nicodemus

Sometime this week, I was reading about Ken Costa, an accomplished and successful South African banker and philantropist who had just become chairman of a private equity fund. He had written a book about Joseph of Arimathea and this piqued my interest to study further about this Joseph. Below are my findings about this rich and godly man who you find mentioned in the four gospels but only in so few a verse that it's easy to miss all the detail packed into them. I also include notes on Nicodemus, who shared a number of similarities with Joseph, including being his contemporary at work, and his partner on that glorious night.

Why God allows “the wilderness” and the importance of responding correctly while in it

God didn’t intend for the Israelites to spend 40 years wandering in the Wilderness. In fact, God thought them ready to possess the promised land within 2 years of leaving Egypt. But right at the border of receiving the promise, the people succumbed to fear, rebelling against God, disobeying Him and lacking faith to step forward. Oh what a shame - right at the border! In God’s eyes, this was an exceedingly great sin and not only were the people who doubted destroyed, but the people were made to wander in the desert for another 38 years. 😞

Armageddon Ends 🙌🏾😁🕺🏾💃🏾

2 Thessalonians 1:8-10; Revelation 19:11-16 The second coming of Christ with His angels, the Kings from the East, brings to an end the fiery battle of Armageddon between Satan and unbelievers, vs. God’s faithful people. 🙏🏾 In Revelation 19:11–16, what we see here is a depiction of Christ’s second coming, the fulfillment of the promise … Continue reading Armageddon Ends 🙌🏾😁🕺🏾💃🏾

The Wedding Supper of the Lamb 😁😇🍽

Matthew 22:11-14; Revelation 19:6-9 Two thousand years ago, Christ left His heavenly home to invite His followers to a wedding supper ( Matt. 22:1–14) that will take place after His marriage to His bride. “The marriage represents the reception by Christ of His kingdom. The Holy City, the New Jerusalem, . . . is called … Continue reading The Wedding Supper of the Lamb 😁😇🍽

The dark side of pride – when we forget our source 😞

God who lifts man high also brings him down. In His word, God has given us the formula to unlock the windows of heaven and how to revel in His blessings. But He’s also often cautioned us about the risk of forgetting the source of our blessings. To help whip us in line is partly why God uses silent/wilderness seasons to refine us like gold, to re-calibrate our focus to Him when we lose track, or to prepare us for the next level of our walk with Him (e.g. Moses, Joseph, David, Job, Paul, Jesus etc.).

When did satan permanently lose access to heaven? 🤔💡

Job 1:6-7; John 12:31; Revelation 12:7-9, 12 When did satan permanently lose access to heaven? 🤔💡 Recall in Job’s story that satan still had access to heaven despite having already lost the battle with Michael and the good angels, and deceived a third of the angels who were banished with him to earth (Rev 12:7-9; … Continue reading When did satan permanently lose access to heaven? 🤔💡

How to ‘suffer in the flesh’ for Christ

1 Peter 4:1 To suffer in the flesh for Christ is to die to sin i.e. subduing our carnal/sinful desires completely to the power of the Holy Spirit, living out the will of God. The “sufferings of Christ” means going God’s way when our mind, emotions, or physical senses are beckoning us to go the … Continue reading How to ‘suffer in the flesh’ for Christ

How do those who pierced Jesus (who are dead) see Him when He comes in the clouds?

Daniel 12:2; Mark 14:61-62; 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17; Revelation 1:7 How do those who pierced Jesus (who are dead) see Him when He comes in the clouds? When He comes in the clouds, which is the second coming, the righteous dead are supposed to rise from the dead - 1 Thess 4:16-17. 🤷🏾‍♂️ The evil dead plus … Continue reading How do those who pierced Jesus (who are dead) see Him when He comes in the clouds?

Satan’s old trick – counterfeiting worship of God

Counterfeit worship of God among God’s people is an old trick of the devil still in play today. He wants to make us think we’re truly worshiping God but actually aren’t. Satan’s ways in trying to attain his ultimate goal of securing worship away from Christ, just as was Jeroboam’s intention for example, are very vivid all through the Bible. Also look at the height of Satan's temptation of Jesus - it centered around worship. ☠️