Getting to the top, God’s way – 12 success lessons from the life of Daniel. 🙌🏾🤓

The preparations for success at the top don't start from when you arrive at the top; rather, even in your lowly position today, you need to start exhibiting the characteristics required to succeed at the top and trust that God sees all and will reward you in due course, according to what you can handle. Matt 25:15. The life of Daniel is full of lessons for success and I hope you find these as a useful guide.

The secret to long-lasting, God-given success/prosperity

1 Kings 3:5-14 Solomon asked God for an understanding heart to discern justice. In response, God unconditionally made him the wisest man ever but added to this by making him the richest and most honorable king in all his days. Seeking first the kingdom of God caused God to add all other things unto Solomon. Matt … Continue reading The secret to long-lasting, God-given success/prosperity