The three ‘abominations of desolation’

Daniel 9:26

Salvation via Christ’s death is revealed here; He died not for himself but for our sins. The remainder of the verse describes the abomination of desolation referred to by Jesus in Matt 24:15 – i.e. the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple by the Roman army, which happened in AD 70.

Basically, there are three desolations referred to in the Bible:

  1. The destruction of the sanctuary and Israel taken into captivity by Babylon;
  1. The destruction of the sanctuary by the Roman army in AD 70, which caused the Jews to flee when the opportunity presented to save their lives. Jesus had prophesied that they should pray their flight is not on a Sabbath; and
  1. The war against the remnants by the papacy in the end times before Christ’s 2nd return.

You can study these in-depth here.

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