Principles for waiting on God and dealing with uncertainty

Waiting on God. What does this really mean? Twiddling my thumbs till my prayers are answered? While waiting on Him, what should I be doing? How do I know that He'll answer me? How will I cope with the disappointment if He doesn't answer when or how I expect? What should I do when I've exhausted all my options? What will people think of me when my life hits a rough patch? I've been through a number of trying times in my personal life such as struggling with exams, applying for admission and getting rejected, spending over a year searching for a job and dealing with over 200 rejections etc. What I do below is highlight some of the most important lessons and principles that I've learnt from my life's waiting journeys, share some personal stories, and hope that these help you navigate your own waiting seasons. I share some thoughts on the following areas: 1. Why is God making me wait? 2. Should I pray and just wait on God? 3. Dealing with disappointments. 4. What will people think about me? 5. When you feel lost, confused, anxious or fearful. 6. Search your heart and confess your sins. 7. Don’t forget to change and live your life!

Why God allows “the wilderness” and the importance of responding correctly while in it

God didn’t intend for the Israelites to spend 40 years wandering in the Wilderness. In fact, God thought them ready to possess the promised land within 2 years of leaving Egypt. But right at the border of receiving the promise, the people succumbed to fear, rebelling against God, disobeying Him and lacking faith to step forward. Oh what a shame - right at the border! In God’s eyes, this was an exceedingly great sin and not only were the people who doubted destroyed, but the people were made to wander in the desert for another 38 years. 😞

God wants to give you “a future and a hope”

Jeremiah 29:11 says God wants to “give us a future and a hope (i.e. an expected end - KJV)”. 🤔💭 Trying to make sense of this I noticed that NKJV/NLT equate KJV’s “expected end” with “a future and a hope”. But why, what could these mean? There is surely an end i.e. a future that God has planned for us, but God gives it to us through hope. The future and hope come hand in hand, like the fist to a glove. It is an end that we actively expect, a future that we hope towards. God gives this hope to us. He puts visions of the future He desires for us into our heart and wants us to hope, long and work towards it. This is corroborated in Phillipians 2:13, which tells us that when we walk with God, the desires of our heart and our resulting actions are of Him. Faith’s definition in itself is substantiated in hope (Heb 11:1).

The greatest military conquest in the Bible? 💪🏾

2 Chronicles 14:8-9, 11-13 Zerah, the Ethiopian, stood against God’s people with 1mn men and 300k chariots. Asa, ruler of God’s people in Judah, had an army of 580k men. Despite the massive difference in numbers, God's people (Asa's squad) gained the victory! Perhaps the greater lesson isn’t in the size of the conquest but … Continue reading The greatest military conquest in the Bible? 💪🏾

Have great confidence in GOD!

James 1:2-7; Proverbs 16:3 “What’s the point of worshiping God (or even a “god”) if you can’t trust him blindly? What’s the essence of all the prayers, readings, beliefs etc. if we scurry away in fear all the time? 🤷🏾‍♂️ It’s in the trusting and waiting that we prove who we really serve. It’s also … Continue reading Have great confidence in GOD!

Fear/doubt, even after seeing evidence of God’s work in our life

1 Kings 19:1-4 Sometimes we doubt that God is with us even after we’ve seen clear evidence of His work in our lives in the past. It’s perhaps comforting to see that even great prophets like Elijah weren’t immune to this, which should point to how the devil works. 😾😡 Elijah had literally just made … Continue reading Fear/doubt, even after seeing evidence of God’s work in our life