Lessons from King Manasseh – The terrible consequence of sin and HOW to repent before God. 😇🙏🏾

2 Chr 33 tells the story of King Manasseh, son of faithful King Hezekiah (see previous post). So evil was he that he overturned pretty much all the good acts of his father, acts that had brought Judah so much prosperity. It’s amazing how swiftly the people forgot the goodness of God when life was good and how similarly they lived like pagans in their disobedience to God. This happens time and time again in the Bible, and remains a valid warning for us today when we receive our heart’s desires. That they had an evil ruler also played its part.

God sees and always rewards both our good and bad works

Exodus 32:11-14; 1 Kings 12:28-30; 2 Kings 10:29-33; 2 Kings 20:1-6 Jehu was so on fire for God that he obeyed completely God’s instructions to wipe out Ahab’s family, friends and relatives, Jezebel and baal worship and its worshipers in Israel. For this, God promised Jehu that his sons shall sit on the throne of … Continue reading God sees and always rewards both our good and bad works

Repenting like David

Despite what we know about David's sins, why does God still say David kept His commandments, followed Him with all his heart and did only what was right in God’s eyes? 🤔 We know that in addition to David’s sin in sleeping with the wife (Bathsheba) of a trusted soldier, he also counted his army in attempt to feed his ego which angered God. These sins led to the death of Bathsheba’s first son and the unnecessary death of 70,000 Israelites. Clearly, David sinned and was punished; so, why does God still view him this way?