The everlasting nature of the Ten Commandments

Inside the Ark of Covenant were three things: the Golden pot that contained the manna, Aaron’s rod that budded and most importantly, the Ten Commandments! (Heb 9:4)

The ark was the most holy item in the sanctuary, placed inside the most holy place. I mean it contained three pieces of physical evidence of God’s miraculous work, including the tablets of stone carved out from the very sapphire stone from which God’s throne in heaven is made (Ex 24:10; Ezek 1:26) and written with the very finger of God (Ex 31:18). 🙌🏾 Think about that for a second…

Also, over 50k people died for looking into the ark. (1 Sam 6:19).

Given how holy ALL these commandments are, if God ever intended to abolish them, wouldn’t there be very clear evidence of this? Fortunately there’s absolutely none!

Also consider the grand nature in which God handed down the commandments in it’s written form – with thunderings, lightnings, loud trumpet, tremblings, fire, smoke, thick cloud, His voice – Ex 19:16-20. If He was going to abolish any of them, do you think He would do it with any less grandness?

Man’s first knowledge of God’s commandments is not when it was handed down to Moses and the Israelites. Otherwise how did Cain know he had sinned when God said sin is at your door? How did Joseph know that sleeping with Potiphar’s wife would be a great sin? That the Bible didn’t mention the commandments literally before Sinai doesn’t mean that the patriachs of old didn’t know of them.

The ten commandments are God’s holy, immutable and never changing laws, which operate on earth and in heaven. Remember there is an ark of covenant also in the heavenly sanctuary – guess what is inside? Also consider the similarities in Rev 11:19 with the description in Ex 19:16-20 of the manifestations when God handed down the commandments to Moses. Heaven and earth may pass away but not one jot of these laws will, and anyone breaking or teaching you to break any one of these commandments will be called least in the kingdom of God (Matt 5:18-19).

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