Be careful who you share your God-given vision with

1 Samuel 17:28-29

The scripture reading refers to when David went to the battlefield to meet his brothers when Goliath was attacking the men of Israel and speaking pompous words. This was after David had been annointed by Samuel as the next king of Israel, passing over David’s elder brothers.

It would appear that Eliab, David’s oldest brother, may have been angry/jealous that he was passed over for anointing for kingship of Israel by Samuel and had been taunting David, as implied in David’s response…”what have I done now”. Eliab was angry with David; he spoke in a derogratory/mocking manner about David’s shepherding job, describing his herd as ‘few sheep’; and he felt that David had become proud and overconfident, as he thought that was why David was asking the men around about the reward for killing Goliath.

A similar experience is in the story of Joseph who similar to David, was one of his father (Jacob’s) youngest sons. He went about telling his brothers and parents his dreams which suggested that they will bow down to him. Unsurprisingly, his brothers got even more jealous after already despising how much their father, Jacob, favored Joseph by giving him the rainbow 🌈 robe.

Basically, beware who you share your dreams with as it may stir up jealousy in their evil hearts.

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