How to ‘suffer in the flesh’ for Christ

1 Peter 4:1

To suffer in the flesh for Christ is to die to sin i.e. subduing our carnal/sinful desires completely to the power of the Holy Spirit, living out the will of God.

The “sufferings of Christ” means going God’s way when our mind, emotions, or physical senses are beckoning us to go the way of ease, compromise, or pleasure. 🙅🏾‍♂️🙌🏾😇

This often occurs in the conflict we face when God tells us to go one way, but our friends, family, coworkers, or others desire us to go another way. 👀

So, in order to fulfill the will of God, we must go against the flow of culture, even if that means we have to go against a “brother or sister in the Lord” whose thinking is too influenced by the world.

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