5 lessons from Elijah’s prayer for rain

1 Kings 18:41-46

  1. Even when we cannot see an immediate manifestation in the physical of what we’re believing God for, our actions should reflect that we’ve received it. All Elijah heard was the sound of rain but no outward evidence in the skies (v 41).
  1. Even when we have a promise from God, we should continue praying for it to come to pass. Elijah bowed low on the ground in prayer before God, face between his knees 🤔 (perhaps similar to the posture of muslims). Point is there are different prayer postures: some stood or sat. Kneeling and bowing low before God are perhaps more solemn postures to adopt. Jesus for example was often in a kneeling posture in prayer. (v 42)
  1. Persistence in prayer is another key takeaway as Elijah prayed seven times before seeing anything like an evidence in the physical. (v 43)
  1. Sometimes all we have from God is a sliver of hope. A tiny/small reason to keep our hope alive. We should like Elijah, hold on to this in faith and believe that God has moved on our behalf already. (v 44)
  1. Believe that your prayer has been answered and start taking evident steps in your life in preparation to receive your answered prayer! (v 44-46)

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